Nominees for MTV Video Music Awards Announced

MTV's Video Music Awards

MTV’s Video Music Awards

The MTV VMA nominees have been announced, and it looks like this year’s competition will be hard fought. With so many talented nominees, it’s going to be hard to choose who’s going to win your vote. Leading the gang with eight nominations is Beyonce. She’s up for Video of the Year, Best Female and Best Collaboration, among others. Iggy Azalea and Eminem both have seven nominations. Other performers with multiple nods are Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Zedd, Pharrell Williams, Jay Z, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Pitbull, Avicii, Lorde, Jason Derulo and Hayley Williams.


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Nominees for Video of The Year include Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX in Fancy, Beyonce featuring Jay-Z for Drunk In Love, Pharrell Williams for Happy, Sia for Chandelier and Miley Cyrus for her Wrecking Ball.


Best Hip Hop nominees include Eminem for Bezerk, Drake featuring Majid Jordan for Hold On (We’re Going Home), Childish Gambino for 3005, Kanye West for Black Skinhead and Wiz Khalifa for We Dem Boyz.

2014 Primetime Emmy® Awards Will Be Full of Surprises

Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

Get ready, get set, and GO to the 2014 Primetime. This year’s hoop-de-do is the 66th annual celebration of the best in television broadcasting and programming. It’s going to be broadcast in real time from the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, where the most important things on earth occur on a daily basis. NBC will be airing the show Monday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT. Seth Meyers, of Late Night and Saturday Night Live fame will emcee the event, and we’re sure it’s going to rock. Tickets to the award show and the after parties are available at VIP Concierge, your passport to exciting.


Over 16,000 members of the Television Academy voted for the nominees from June 9th to the 20th. Now that the nominations have been completed, it looks like the competition will be fierce. This is the biggest night in television every year even if another British television program is hijacked and remade in the states. Here’s a list of some of this year’s nominees and who I’d pick if I could vote.

Enjoy Endless Summer Fun with 2014 Teen Choice Tickets

Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards

Teens, tweens and trendsetters are unleashed at the annual Teen Choice Awards, the official home of summer and the only award show with surfboard trophies. It’s the place where teens, the only people who matter, say what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s over-the-top amazing in music, movies, TV and more. If you’re too cool to be in school, if you’re ready for an action-packed summer vacay, the solution awaits at UCLA’s massive Pauley Pavilion. On August 10th, a very special Sunday, your dreams will be answered. Your wish list will come alive-but only if your parents think that buying 2014 Teen Choice Awards Tickets is the best idea ever. It may still take some convincing. Alternatively, if you have the best-paying summer job in Hollywood, then you can be sure it will happen.


The nominees for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards are too hot to handle. Laugh-out-loud funny, as in “22 Jump Street,” rules the list of contenders with seven nominations. Everyone knows she’s super popular, but the nominations confirm that everyone loves Iggy Azalea’s music and her style. The wide world of teens also loves the adorable golf sensation Lucy Li, who could whip her Dad’s butt on the course any day, and every day.

See the Ladies and Gentlemen of TV Live at the Primetime Emmy® Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

Right now, far away, industry insiders are voting for entries on the official Primetime Emmy® ballot. While the world waits for the nominees to be revealed, everyone’s speculating who will earn a chance to snag a trophy at the 2014 Emmy® awards. Lead actors and actresses attract much attention, but the competition is usually the fiercest in the supporting categories. These groups are filled with talent that threatens to steal scenes from their larger, more important co-stars.


The Ladies of the Primetime Emmys®

On the ladies’ side, “Mad Men’s” Kiernan Shipka is expected to earn her first Emmy® nod for her growing role as the precocious Sally Draper. Lilli Simmons, who plays Rebecca Bowman in Cinemax’s dark Amish drama “Banshee,” is a likely nominee for her dual-personality role as a good girl/party animal. The show also features the criminally minded Ivana Milicevic, who is co-starring alongside Emmy® contender Sarah Shahi in the upcoming film “The Adventures of Beatle,” The sultry Sarah Shahi, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, is fast gaining attention for her role as the mentally unstable assassin Sameen Shaw in the CBS drama “Person of Interest.”

See Drake and Experience Sports Mania at the 2014 ESPY® Awards

The ESPY Awards

The ESPY Awards

Whether you like ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Deportes or the steaming-only ESPN 3, you are guaranteed to love the ESPYs®. It’s the ultimate mash-up of sports, pop-culture, music, entertainment, and fashion. This is according to Maria Sharapova, who waits until after showering to pick her award show dress.


This year, the Disney-ESPN team has done a one-up on Jon Hamm. Really, does Jon Hmmm even watch sports? There’s no point in being sore about last year’s award show, even if you missed your chance to buy ESPY® award show tickets and wound up on the couch watching your favorite sports channel. This year’s award show is going to be WAAAY better. Why? Because Drake is hosting. Duh.


It’s official. The pop star currently and formerly known as Drake is hosting the 2014 ESPY® awards. On July 16, he won’t be in “O Canada.” O no, he’ll be sweeping into the famed Nokia Theatre, which is the Buckingham Palace, the Taj Mahal, the Niagara Falls of award show venues. We’re sure that Drake is a true sports fan and performer. He’s an old hand at hosting since appearing on SNL. Even his catch phrase, YOLO (you only live once–in case you haven’t been paying attention) has appeared on “Jeopardy.” Take that Alex Trebek, a name that sounds Canadian because it is. Anywho, as a Canadian, Mr. Drake is a bona fide sports aficionado, a basketball freak and a fan of what I call hockey.

The No-Way Nominees for the 2014 Emmy® Nominations

Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

The ballots for the 2014 Primetime Emmy nominations were released on the 16th, igniting a firestorm of “what ifs” amid speculation along the lines of WTF? Debate on the merits of the various shows and their actors and directors will begin in earnest after July 10th, when the nominees will be officially announced. However, for now, maybe we should pay some attention to the nominees that definitely will not make the cut, as in not even a bean’s chance of being noticed in a bowl of gumbo.


First of all, since when does a less than 60-second appearance of a movie star on a TV show grant them some sort of carte blanche to be nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor? This year we have two diametrically opposed actors who did one short and one shorter cameo on a comedy, yet they were nominated as if they deserved the nomination because they descended from Mount Olympus of film to the small screen. Bill Murray, while ever-popular for being Bill Murray, was nominated for his 40 second spot on the pilot episode of Amazon Instant Video’s comedy “Alpha House. It’s not that the role was that good. The nomination is more for the fact that he was on the show at all, even for less than a minute.

It’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream Playboy Style

Hugh Hefner's "Midsummer Night's Dream" Party

Hugh Hefner’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Party

The biggest, bestest party of the year is a few weeks away. The countdown to Hugh Hefner’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party on August 2, 2014, has begun. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Get your fairy wings and pixie dust ready because fun is on the way. If you want to see Jamie Foxx in pajamas, this is the event for you. It’s the ultimate summer celebration and blowout party. By August, everyone has had enough fun in the sun. Fortunately, Hugh understands that we can all stand a little more fun after the sun goes down.


This Playboy Mansion party is an orgy of excess. There’s live music, dancers, acrobats, performers and an endless parade of ladies and Hollywood stars. Oh, and an open bar. There’s plenty to imbibe and more than enough to shock all of your senses. It’s one of the only places where you can see the complete spectrum of Hollywood in one place. Actors, directors, comedians, musical personas, more comedians and anyone who’s anyone will be there. Who might you encounter on this most magical of nights? Folks like Jon Lovitz, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Connolly, Mini Me, “X-Men” director Brett Ratner and funnyman George Lopez are known fans of this wild party. Of course, Mr. Hugh Hefner, the fairy king Oberon of the party, is bound to be there chatting with his favorite celebs and ladies, including Crystal Hefner, fairy queen Titania, and all the ladies of the mansion. Maybe Crystal will even show off her mad DJ skills.


Top Ten Choices to Be Announced at 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards

What kind of awards show gives away a brand new surfboard to the winners? What awards show has been called a mash-up of the MTV VMAs and the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards? What awards show draws the hottest young stars in the world for the show and after parties? The only correct answer possible is The Teen Choice Awards. VIP Concierge has tickets to the show and the after parties, which means you can get up and go-go. You can hang and do with your favorite stars and mix it up with all the fans.


The Teen Choice Awards are easily the hottest award show of the year. To begin with, it’s being held this year on August 10 in the center of the known universe, Los Angeles. Ever been to Los Angeles in August? It’s hot, but it gets even hotter when the Teen Choice Awards come to town. Hundreds of stars will be making the scene, to see and be seen. Over 130 million ballots will be cast by fans far and near. But there can be only one winner in each category. That doesn’t mean you should only buy one ticket. You’ll want to bring your entire posse to this party. It’s not often that you get to make an impression on your impressionable friends, but this is definitely something that you and yours will never forget.

Kathy Griffin Takes Over the 2014 Daytime Emmy® Awards–Suck It Jesus!

Daytime Emmy Award Show

Daytime Emmy Award Show

This is the biggest news in the land of TV since, well, ever. It’s a struggle to get all of the words out because there’s so much to say about this year’s fan-freaking-tastic Emmy® Awards, which are right around the corner. First up, the Daytime Emmy® Awards, the definitive TV award show, isn’t going to be on TV this year. Say what?! That’s right. Instead of inviting your friends over for your usual TV party, you get to send text-vites that read, “Hey, y’all wanna come over to live-stream the Emmys®? If you do, you have to bring your own popcorn and bowl.” Seriously, TV’s biggest night has gone low-budget. No amount of champagne or caviar is going to make your live-steam party fabulous.


Alternatively, you could pick up a few VIP after-party award show tickets with full monty access to the Beverly Hilton Ballroom, Kathy Griffin and a host of TV stars who are ready to party. The show is happening on June 22, so you’d better get of the couch before you’re stuck in a permanent position on Emmy® night.


The Ho-Ho-Host

You can bet that Kathy G is going to bring it. In her words, she’ll distract millions of viewers from enjoying the World Cup, so suck it soccer fans. (We added the last part.) In case you were hibernating when Ms. Griffith won the first of two consecutive awards for her hit show “My Life on the D-List,” the suck it Jesus quote comes from her controversial acceptance speech. Not only did the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences disavow her words, E! refused to televise the only part of the show that everyone wanted to watch. The unrelated National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences doesn’t seem to remember this speech, or maybe they do and want to capitalize on Griffin’s shock-the-pants-off-the-crowd comic style.

Keep Up with the Stars, Get Daytime Emmy® Tickets

Daytime Emmy Awards

Daytime Emmy Awards

June 22nd, 2014, is the date that daytime takes over the night. Did that make sense? If not, keep up, keep up. You need to pay attention if you want to get Daytime Emmy® award show tickets for you and your posse. We move and talk quickly in these parts. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, on the other hand, moves a little slower, as in they’ve finally made it into the 21st century by bringing their submission and voting process online. We’re glad that you caught up, and yes, you read that correctly. The entry and voting process has finally gone digital–meaning that all of those great shows don’t need to mail their entries in on papyrus scrolls or clay tablets toted to the academy by mules.


This is a big year for the Daytime Emmys®. First, the 41st year of this soapy talk show extravaganza hauled in a record-setting 1,400 entries, producing 350 nominations in 60 odd categories, including the new Latin programming section. Second, the award show is taking place at the mother of all venues, none other than the Beverly Hilton where the carpets are spangled with stardust. Those with tickets to this ever-popular award show will be entreated to dazzling appearances and trophy presentations involving some of the hottest and most traditional shows on television. This year, the CBS powerhouse soap “The Young and the Restless” reeled in 26 nominations for its cast and gripping plots. On the talk show side, Ms. Ellen DeGeneres grabbed nine hearty nominations to claim the top spot in her category.