6 Creative Ways to Gift Tickets and VIP Experiences

November 7, 2013 |  Tags: , ,
VIP Gift Packages

VIP Gift Packages

So, you’ve taken your time and selected tickets to the perfect event. Now, you aren’t sure how to give the tickets for maximum effect. Surprise and a dash of humor are the key ingredients. Sentimentality is optional. While you’ve been busy shopping, we’ve been busy studying the very best ways to give tickets and experiences as presents.

1. You’ve Been Served!

The person who likes to be naughty and nice deserves to be served with their Christmas gift. A la Punk’d, have a co-worker or unfamiliar person serve the recipient with papers demanding they appear at the award show or event. You get to hide out and watch their reaction go from shock to delight as they realize what the gift is.


2. Picture This

Pictures are full of symbolism and secret messages. Conceal your true plans in a framed picture or photo album. You could put the tickets in the frame. Or even better, hide them in the back and use a photo of you or your adorable child with a sign that says something like “You and me @ the SAG Awards “or “See you at the Emmys.”

3. Hide and Seek

Only a few things come in envelopes. If you don’t want everyone thinking it’s another fishing rod, disguise your gift as something else. Put the tickets inside a relevant book, wrap them around a can of soup (that’s a real stumper) or hide them inside a tennis ball container.


4. Treasure Hunt

Lead the recipient on an endless scavenger hunt until they find the tickets. Keep it small with a series of clues hidden in your home, or go city-wide with hints that require a meet up at a local restaurant or a place where the surprise can be revealed.


5. Save the Date

Keep your plans close to your chest, and reveal the date only. You might create mock tickets revealing the date or seat number. Or you could print a custom t-shirt with the date, the event and the recipient’s name. Be specific, or give subtle hints that don’t reveal everything.


6. Love/Hate

Get something ridiculously cheap or items that the recipient really won’t enjoy, such as cleaning supplies or a case of Pledge. Then, hide the tickets inside. If you’re feeling nice, you could create a gift basket full of things that the recipient likes.


Ideas for giving tickets that we don’t recommend include putting them IN the oven, disguising them as junk mail and placing boxes where they can trip someone, causing a prolonged visit to the ER. This stuff really happens. Tickets are powerful. So be careful and gift with caution.