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The Place to Go Before the Movie Premiere

There are movie fans, and then there are movie fans who are so serious about films, theatres, red carpets and glamorous stars that they have to attend every movie premiere and every glitzy after-party. We know what type of fans we are, and we know about you too. That’s why a section of our blog is dedicated to the hottest movie premieres in the world, and we created it especially for fans like you.

Read through our archives, and stay tuned for the latest movie premiere tickets announcements. We’ll talk about the films you want to hear about, and we’ll post about the actors and wild after-parties. We’ll tell you all about the biggest movie premieres, after-parties and how you can get tickets to every event from New York City to Hollywood. We don’t want any of you movie fans to miss a minute of the action, and you don’t have to–if you visit our blog for the latest movie premiere news. We’ve got tickets to the hottest, most-anticipated films all year, and you can be the first to know and among the few to go. Keep it right here for everything you want to know about movies before they hit theaters.

The Toronto International Film Festival Gambling on New Premieres Policy

August 21, 2014 |  Tags: , , ,
Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

Tickets to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) are always hard to come by, and this year will be no exception. TIFF announced most of the line-up recently, including world premieres by many of the entertainment world’s elite, such as Chris Rock, Noah Baumbach, Chris Evans and Jason Reitman.


The films that have been announced will be screened during the first four days of the festival, from Thursday to Sunday, September 4th through the 7th. Media attention is most intense at the Toronto International Film Festival during that period, and films scheduled for release in the upcoming award season can succeed or fail due to word of mouth, and, of course, the critics.


Notably absent from the list are two of this year’s most eagerly anticipated films by Brad Pitt and his stable mate Angelina Jolie. Both are period pieces set in World War II. Pitt’s film is called “Fury.” Jolie’s is named “Unbroken.”

Fantasy, Fairytales and Fun at the “Maleficent” Movie Premiere

April 17, 2014 |  Tags: , , , , , , ,
Maleficent Movie Premiere

Maleficent Movie Premiere

On May 28th, the lights will be going down so fans can experience that signature Disney magic with a dark, dark spin at the “Maleficent” movie premiere. There will be horned villains, gallant princes, beautiful princesses, tree monsters, dragons and fairies. Such fun! Have you realized that many fairytales don’t even have fairies in them? Well, that’s not the case with this classic tale that explores the powers of good and evil and the supernatural. This flick is full of preternatural creatures, including Angelina Jolie, who dons a horned headpiece and enhanced cheekbones to become the self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil. Yes, ALL evil, and she does a splendid job.


It’s been a while since fans have been Miss Angelina on the big screen. She voiced the tiger in 2011′s “Kung Fu Panda” Secrets of the Masters” and appeared in 2010′s “The Tourist”, but she hasn’t been doing much lately. She’ll be joined by Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, Lesley Manville, Juno Temple and a host of princes, kings and fairies. As you’ve heard, the film recounts the untold story of Maleficent’s past, her heroism protecting her lands and the backstabbing betrayal that turned her heart to stone and caused her to curse the princess. Fortunately, a good fairy steps in, tinkers with the curse and gets the sentence down from death to a 100-year sleep. Not so bad!

Soundtrack for The “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ Drops April 22

March 16, 2014 |  Tags: , , , , , ,
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Movie tie-ins are nothing new. Neither is the release of a soundtrack album. In advance of the world premiere of “The Amazing Spiderman 2,” the soundtrack is being released on April 22. With the radio exposure it’s sure to attract, this is a smart move. It’s basically free advertising for the film.


Of course, superhero films are all the rage these days, and Spiderman has always been one of the most popular superheroes ever, whether in comic books or in the movies. The soundtrack is an impressive collection of new tunes by some of the hottest musicians this side of the New York City skyline.


The film closes with a song sung by Alicia Keys that she co-wrote with Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer called “It’s On Again.” It’s going to also be predominantly featured on the soundtrack. Williams produced the song, and Lamar kicked in with his own take. Keys bubbled with enthusiasm when she spoke about it. “I’m very excited to be a part of such a powerful collaboration,” she said. “This is the next chapter in the Spider-Man legacy, and we really feel ‘It’s On Again’ captures the experience, the story–and most importantly–the meaning behind the film, which is that we all have the potential to be extraordinary. There’s a little bit of a super hero in all of us.”

Pedal To The Metal Action at The “Need for Speed” Movie Premiere

March 3, 2014 |  Tags: , , ,
Need For Speed Movie

Need For Speed Movie

Twenty years after “Need for Speed” swept the video game scene, the franchise is taking the action to the big screen. This high-octane action film has everything gamers love about the street-racing game plus a thrilling, revenge-fueled story that takes a page from Roger Corman’s 1955 film “The Fast and the Furious” and all the vroom-vroom action people loved in the modern street-racing series of the same name.


On March 6th, video game fantasies come to life with help from Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” fame, who plays the wrongly convicted mechanic and part-time street racer Tobey Marshall. After jumping jail and partying with friends, including rapper Kid Cudi, he’s poised to break away at extremely high speeds-mind-bending, face-jiggling speeds. Dominic Cooper, of “Captain America” plays a hot-headed entrepreneur and custom car guru who’s at Marshall’s back with an army of ne’er-do-well racers and helicopter pilots who are fighting for the $6 million dollar bounty. Sure, it’s a lot of money but not compared to the film’s $66 million budget, which was spent on cars, cars, cars and stunts.

The Movie Premiere Experience is Really Premiere

March 2, 2014 |  Tags: , ,
Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet Event

OK, so we can’t all be movie stars. It takes a lot of time, talent and hard work to make it to the top of that heap. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a celebrity or, for that matter, hang out with them. It’s easier than you might think, and we can help you.


The best way to really feel like a movie star and meet your favorite movie stars is to get up and go to a movie premiere. VIP Concierge has tickets to premieres and the highly coveted after-parties, where the stars let their hair down and just have a good time, like the rest of us.


First of all, you want to arrive in a limo or an exotic car. If it has tinted windows, you’re sure to attract the same attention they all do. Dress to impress. It’s OK to spring for a new outfit. You’re going to be checked out from every angle, and you want everyone to know that you have arrived on-site and are ready to party.

Fantasy Gift Ideas for Him

November 19, 2013 |  Tags: , , , , ,
Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him

Skip socks. Pass on perfume. Go big. We’re talking luxury gift experiences that are guaranteed to get a golden reaction. When ordinary just won’t do, here are a few ideas that will. Let’s take a peek at the ultimate VIP Christmas list for him, shall we?


Exotic Car Rentals

Va-va-vroom! Car guys, engine-ites and wannabe racers will love it when an exotic car rental pops out of that fully-loaded stocking. This gift doesn’t include bells and whistles–more like chrome and air horns. Like the title says, these cars are exotic. They even have exotic names like the Bugatti Veyron or the Lamborghini Aventador. Let’s just say that you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari.

Are You Hungry for More Hunger Games?

October 25, 2013 |  Tags: , , ,
Hunger Games Catching Fire Premiere

Hunger Games Movie Premiere

If you know who Katniss Everdeen and Peetsa Mellark are, then you’re probably waiting anxiously like all the other “Hunger Games” fans for the second installment in the series. “Catching Fire” picks up right where the first movie left off. Katniss and Peeta are preparing to embark on a “Victor’s Tour” of the districts of Panem. Although this means the heroic Tributes must leave their friends and family behind, they reluctantly depart. President Snow and The Capitol are still controlling Panem, but Katniss can sense a brewing rebellion as Snow prepares for a special 75th Annual Hunger Games Quarter Quell that could have long-lasting effects.


Catching Fire” is premiering all over the world in November. The world premiere is November 14th in London, England. The film is opening in Rome, Italy on November 27, where it will be screened at the Rome Film Fest. Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will be on hand for the red carpet gala at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The U.S. premiere is November 22. Recent reports claim a November premiere for “Catching Fire” in China. The worldwide premieres show how important international box office is to the film’s gross revenues. The film is expected to gross some $900 million, which is nearly $300 million more than the first installment.

All-Star Cast Brings “Pain and Gain” to Life

April 5, 2013 |  Tags: ,
Pain and Gain Movie Premiere

Pain and Gain Movie Premiere

Reality TV is popular because it can’t be predicted, except, perhaps, by the writers. Films based on real people in unreal situations always have that “can you believe this is happening” feeling. Some seem to laugh right along with you at the idiocy of the characters.


“Pain and Gain” is one of those films that makes fun of itself by just letting the action flow as it did originally. The sheer bravado and confidence of these muscleheads is funny and sad at the same time. Mark Wahlberg plays Daniel Lugo, a bodybuilder who’s no stranger to steroids. He has enough vision to realize he wants to improve his life, but he’s not smart enough to see the error in his ways. For instance, he says he knows all about kidnapping people because he’s seen a lot of movies. However, most movies about kidnapping are about unsuccessful kidnappings-not successful endeavors.

“Scary Movie” Reboot Continues with “Scary Movie 5”

April 3, 2013 |  Tags: ,
Scary Movie 5 Premiere

Scary Movie 5 Premiere

The first four installments in “Scary Movie” series were Wayan Brothers’ creations. The Wayans have been responsible for some ground-breaking comedies like “I’m Gonna’ Get You Sucka” and “In Living Color,” the TV sketch show that introduced the world to people like Keenan Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx. In the “Scary Movie” series, siblings Marlon and Shawn also got their chance to show their comedy chops.


Redford Unites an All-Star Cast at “The Company You Keep” Premiere

March 28, 2013 |  Tags: ,
The Company You Keep Movie

The Company You Keep Movie

After an impossibly long wait, “The Company You Keep” is finally making its official U.S. debut on April 1, 2013, in New York City. Fans in Italy and at international film festivals in Toronto and Venice have been lucky enough to see the film before most people in the U.S., but a limited release is on the horizon. Die-hard movie fans who want to see the film before everyone else can still buy tickets to “The Company You Keep” premiere. The rest of the world will have to be content watching the previously released theatrical trailer. So here’s the deal, “The Company You Keep” is an American film based on American events and the American youth movement, but almost no one in America has seen it!