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2014 CMA Tickets–12 Dozen of One and Six of the Other

October 12, 2014 |  Tags: , , , , , ,
CMA Country Music Awards

CMA Country Music Awards

Wow! What a year this has been for Miranda Lambert. The reigning Female Vocalist of the Year garnered nine, count ‘em, nine nominations spread across seven categories for the 48th annual Country Music Association (CMA) Awards. The CMAs, which are also known as Country Music’s Biggest Night, are going to be held live on November 5 in the city that sings itself to sleep every night, beautiful, popular Nashville, which recently became a TV star in its own right. As if that many nominations wouldn’t bring any household tremendous joy, her husband, Blake Shelton, who’s a big-time country star his own self, is also currently the Male Vocalist of the Year, and he’s up for three awards at this year’s CMAs. This year’s accolades are the largest embarrassment of riches for Lambert since 2010.


To further beautifully complicate things, Lambert and her husband are going to be squaring off for the coveted 2014 Entertainer of the Year award. That’s sure to be worth bragging rights while the happily married couple is folding laundry as they watch “Nashville” on TV. Plus, they’re both going to be performing at the show, along with fellow multiple nominee Keith Urban, who is nominated in four categories this year, including that crowded Entertainer of the Year category. The only thing that those three have to worry about would be if someone like Luke Bryan or George Strait, the undisputed King of Country music was also nominated for EOY–which they both are! Yikes! How are the voters going to pick just one of them? That’s like having to choose between being rich and being wealthy. And Bryan’s going to perform that night too. Great googly moogly!

Red Hot Chili Peppers to Headline Coachella for Third Time in 2013

April 3, 2013 |  Tags: ,
Coachella VIP Music Festival

Coachella VIP Music Festival

Everything old is new again at Coachella. Six years after they last headlined the Coachella Music and Arts Fair in 2007, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are going to be doing it again-twice. They be headlining both weekends of this year’s festival that spans two weekends during April 12 to April 14 and April 19 to April 21. Ten years after they first headlined the show, the Peppers are rock and roll royalty. They’ve had even more success on the road and in the studio than ever, and they don’t look like they’re fading anytime soon. Lead singer Anthony Kiedis still has more energy than the Energizer Bunny and better abs than Chuck Norris. Abs, as we all know, are critical to the success of a rock and roll singer. Other acts that are performing late on Sunday are Vampire Weekend and James Blake.


VIP Concierge has VIP passes and tickets to 2013 Coachella. The passes get you into a few restricted zones that have all the creature comforts you’d like to have at an outdoor show, plus a few more. The VIP areas have full bars, couches, shady picnic areas, more food vendors and a unique vantage point for the musical festivities.

How To Walk Right Past The Velvet Ropes (Part I)

February 19, 2013 |  Tags: , ,
VIP Member

VIP Member

Walking past the ropes can at times be as simple as tipping the doorman, booking a VIP table, or asking your concierge to arrange for you to be on the VIP guest list. However, this alone sometimes may not get you past the velvet ropes at the most exclusive establishments, with the exception being our VIP Members whom we make sure NEVER wait in line.