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How to Tell the Difference between an Award Show and a Real Award Show

October 1, 2014 |  Tags: , , ,
Award Show

Award Show

As defined by the holy fount of information, Wikipedia, an award show is a ceremonial event where an award of any kind is given to a person. Now, that doesn’t mean that every award show is created equal. Like watches and cars, clothes and people, they come in all shapes and sizes, and some are simply better than others. You can’t just roll out a red carpet and say that it’s the area’s premier event. Well, it might be, depending on where you live. In case you were wondering, here’s a refresher outlining differences between award shows and real Hollywood-style award shows that you will only see in L.A.


Top 10 Signs an Award Show isn’t The Real Deal

10. The entertainer of the year nominees sound like landscapers-because they are.
9. The event is on the calendar next to “Nominate your neighbor for yard of the month.”
8. It’s happening at the theater where your niece saw VeggieTales “Beauty and the Beet.”
7. There’s an under-16 talent show category.
6. You know the host from elementary school.
5. Tractor Mart, Carlson’s Feed and The Pricey Country Store will be handing out swag.
4. The carpet is only spray painted red.
3. The musical guest played at your grandmother’s nursing home.
2. Tickets are only $15. Seniors get in free.
1. And finally, it’s not a real award show if it’s in Oklahoma!

The No-Way Nominees for the 2014 Emmy® Nominations

June 20, 2014 |  Tags: , , , ,
Primetime Emmy Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards

The ballots for the 2014 Primetime Emmy nominations were released on the 16th, igniting a firestorm of “what ifs” amid speculation along the lines of WTF? Debate on the merits of the various shows and their actors and directors will begin in earnest after July 10th, when the nominees will be officially announced. However, for now, maybe we should pay some attention to the nominees that definitely will not make the cut, as in not even a bean’s chance of being noticed in a bowl of gumbo.


First of all, since when does a less than 60-second appearance of a movie star on a TV show grant them some sort of carte blanche to be nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor? This year we have two diametrically opposed actors who did one short and one shorter cameo on a comedy, yet they were nominated as if they deserved the nomination because they descended from Mount Olympus of film to the small screen. Bill Murray, while ever-popular for being Bill Murray, was nominated for his 40 second spot on the pilot episode of Amazon Instant Video’s comedy “Alpha House. It’s not that the role was that good. The nomination is more for the fact that he was on the show at all, even for less than a minute.

Kathy Griffin Takes Over the 2014 Daytime Emmy® Awards–Suck It Jesus!

June 19, 2014 |  Tags: , , ,
Daytime Emmy Award Show

Daytime Emmy Award Show

This is the biggest news in the land of TV since, well, ever. It’s a struggle to get all of the words out because there’s so much to say about this year’s fan-freaking-tastic Emmy® Awards, which are right around the corner. First up, the Daytime Emmy® Awards, the definitive TV award show, isn’t going to be on TV this year. Say what?! That’s right. Instead of inviting your friends over for your usual TV party, you get to send text-vites that read, “Hey, y’all wanna come over to live-stream the Emmys®? If you do, you have to bring your own popcorn and bowl.” Seriously, TV’s biggest night has gone low-budget. No amount of champagne or caviar is going to make your live-steam party fabulous.


Alternatively, you could pick up a few VIP after-party award show tickets with full monty access to the Beverly Hilton Ballroom, Kathy Griffin and a host of TV stars who are ready to party. The show is happening on June 22, so you’d better get of the couch before you’re stuck in a permanent position on Emmy® night.


The Ho-Ho-Host

You can bet that Kathy G is going to bring it. In her words, she’ll distract millions of viewers from enjoying the World Cup, so suck it soccer fans. (We added the last part.) In case you were hibernating when Ms. Griffith won the first of two consecutive awards for her hit show “My Life on the D-List,” the suck it Jesus quote comes from her controversial acceptance speech. Not only did the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences disavow her words, E! refused to televise the only part of the show that everyone wanted to watch. The unrelated National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences doesn’t seem to remember this speech, or maybe they do and want to capitalize on Griffin’s shock-the-pants-off-the-crowd comic style.