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Giftable Experiences for The Whole Family

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Fighter Jet

Fighter Jet

VIP Concierge doesn’t just provide tickets to the best, most exclusive events for married couples or singles. We have tickets for the whole family, ranging from the tame to the wild. Check out these fun events. There’s a little bit of something for everybody.


For those families who love film, television and music (and who doesn’t?), we have tickets to the best award shows in the world. We get tickets to the Radio Disney Awards, Teen Choice, I Heart Radio, the ESPYs, the People’s Choice awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Country Music Association’s annual award show. We usually have tickets to the elite parties that run before, during and after the Academy Awards©, the Grammy Awards© and all the other awards shows. Lots of people get to go to the show, but only a certain, privileged few get to attend the after-parties. That’s when things really get frivolous, glitzy and downright fun.


We can get you backstage for the production of a television show or onto the set of a motion picture while it’s being shot. For film lovers, it doesn’t get any better than that. The stars love to have visitors to the set, and they’ll make you feel as welcome as a foam finger at a football game. We can also put you backstage for a concert with your favorite group. We can even arrange a “meet and greet” with the biggest stars on stage, screen or radio.

Giftable VIP Experiences for Her

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Gift for Her

Gift for Her

Let’s face it, guys. Holiday shopping is stressful and crazy, with or without a personal shopper. The people we want to surprise hold us back with answers alternating from endless “All I Want for Christmas” lists to “Oh, I don’t know, honey. Just surprise me.” Don’t worry, mate. This year we’ve got you covered. You can find almost anything in the VIP Concierge Gift Center. You can even pick up something for Mom while you’re at it. In the meantime, let’s take a look at giftable experiences for our favorite female personalities.



The Diva

If glamour is her favorite accessory, an award show is the perfect gift. Award show season kicks into high gear after the holidays, which makes these tickets timely and apropos. Award show tickets aren’t the only option though. Wouldn’t your girl love to walk the red carpet under the lights of Hollywood? We thought so, and we recommend movie premiere tickets with all-access after-party passes. It doesn’t hurt if you pick a movie full of hunky male stars either. For that, we suggest anything with Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gossling.

Fantasy Gift Ideas for Him

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Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him

Skip socks. Pass on perfume. Go big. We’re talking luxury gift experiences that are guaranteed to get a golden reaction. When ordinary just won’t do, here are a few ideas that will. Let’s take a peek at the ultimate VIP Christmas list for him, shall we?


Exotic Car Rentals

Va-va-vroom! Car guys, engine-ites and wannabe racers will love it when an exotic car rental pops out of that fully-loaded stocking. This gift doesn’t include bells and whistles–more like chrome and air horns. Like the title says, these cars are exotic. They even have exotic names like the Bugatti Veyron or the Lamborghini Aventador. Let’s just say that you can’t go wrong with a Ferrari.

6 Creative Ways to Gift Tickets and VIP Experiences

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VIP Gift Packages

VIP Gift Packages

So, you’ve taken your time and selected tickets to the perfect event. Now, you aren’t sure how to give the tickets for maximum effect. Surprise and a dash of humor are the key ingredients. Sentimentality is optional. While you’ve been busy shopping, we’ve been busy studying the very best ways to give tickets and experiences as presents.

1. You’ve Been Served!

The person who likes to be naughty and nice deserves to be served with their Christmas gift. A la Punk’d, have a co-worker or unfamiliar person serve the recipient with papers demanding they appear at the award show or event. You get to hide out and watch their reaction go from shock to delight as they realize what the gift is.


2. Picture This

Pictures are full of symbolism and secret messages. Conceal your true plans in a framed picture or photo album. You could put the tickets in the frame. Or even better, hide them in the back and use a photo of you or your adorable child with a sign that says something like “You and me @ the SAG Awards “or “See you at the Emmys.”