Celebrities Throw the Best Parties

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Oscar Party

Oscar Party

No, you do not have to be an Academy Award® nominee to live the high life. You don’t even have to be in the audience of the awards show itself to mingle and cavort with the movers, shakers and money makers after the show is over. You only need to buy tickets to the biggest bunch of good times since bananas, and coincidentally, we have tickets for the Oscar® after parties right here at VIP Concierge. Well, it’s not actually coincidental. It’s our business to procure and proffer these tickets to our legion of devoted awards show fans. They come out of the woodwork like a mouse for a cookie because they know that in the land of prestigious parties, few can hold sway with the Oscars®.


The 2015 show is going off on Sunday, February 22. The best parties are annual affairs, so they have an entire year to plan for the occasion. This blog would be several years long if we tried to mention them all, so we’ll just give you the lowdown on four of the most amazing shindigs in a weekend filled with parties.


Bob and Harvey Weinstein didn’t leave Disney Studios’ sidearm Miramax to be also-rans. Their films consistently garner critical and popular accolades, and their parties are somehow better than their films, even though that’s comparing apples to some citrus fruit or perhaps even a vegetable or legume. That’s beside the point. Their parties kick so much ass that they aren’t satisfied with having only one–they have to have two. The first one is a Pre-Oscar® Party that takes place at the Soho House on world-famous Sunset Boulevard, where dreams are in great supply. Fortunately, the Soho House is near the Beverly Hills Hilton, which we’ll talk about later. However, if you have tickets to both The Weinstein Pre-Oscar® Party and The Night of 100 Stars, you can cross-pollute and go to both parties. Actually, the first party of the Weinstein Brothers parties is a viewing party that starts and ends with the award show–and an open bar, of course. What else would you expect? If you were at last year’s bash, you might have seen Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio or Katy Perry. If you had other plans, like actually going to the award show, then you could always go to the Weinstein’s second Oscar® night party, which we’ll talk about in the next paragraph.


Oscar - Vanity Fair

Oscar – Vanity Fair


The second party is for the winners and losers, but mostly the winners. It happens the day after the award show at the Mondrian Hotel, which is also on the Sunset Strip. Most celebrities who are affiliated with the Weinsteins try to make both soirees, just because they’re. . .  well, they’re so much fun. Their after party is so far after the show that it’s on another day. That’s probably good because it has to take a long while to recover from an open bar award show viewing party. It probably takes a week to get over two of them.


When it comes to a contingent of film stars in formal clothing, The Night of 100 Stars is all about the business of schmoozing. Movie executives mingle with movie stars. Financiers talk shop with screenwriters. Even lowly TV personalities are welcome. And so are you–if you have tickets. There’s always room for plus one. The name is a bit of a misnomer. There are actually 200 stars at the party, so the name under-promises and the party over-delivers. From those 200 celebs, you can expect about 50 will be previous winners.


Speaking of winners, Elton John throws a yearly party that benefits his AIDS Foundation. Last year, over $5 million was raised for the cause because everyone loves Elton, not Raymond. Raymond couldn’t pull off such a grand hoo-ha. It takes a star with clout that reverberates beyond his own field. Of course, Elton and his band always whip out some surprises for the attendees who in turn love him for it. Elton’s bash is at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Don’t miss your chance to be among the beautiful people who are gathering for all the right reasons–a good charity and a mega party. It’s a win-win for everybody.


Assert yourself. Flex your financial muscle and get tickets to the Oscar® parties. Just give us a call or send us an email. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Tickets are few, and they sell about as fast as bags of ice in Hades.