Giftable VIP Experiences for Her

November 25, 2013 |  Tags: , , ,
Gift for Her

Gift for Her

Let’s face it, guys. Holiday shopping is stressful and crazy, with or without a personal shopper. The people we want to surprise hold us back with answers alternating from endless “All I Want for Christmas” lists to “Oh, I don’t know, honey. Just surprise me.” Don’t worry, mate. This year we’ve got you covered. You can find almost anything in the VIP Concierge Gift Center. You can even pick up something for Mom while you’re at it. In the meantime, let’s take a look at giftable experiences for our favorite female personalities.



The Diva

If glamour is her favorite accessory, an award show is the perfect gift. Award show season kicks into high gear after the holidays, which makes these tickets timely and apropos. Award show tickets aren’t the only option though. Wouldn’t your girl love to walk the red carpet under the lights of Hollywood? We thought so, and we recommend movie premiere tickets with all-access after-party passes. It doesn’t hurt if you pick a movie full of hunky male stars either. For that, we suggest anything with Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum or Ryan Gossling.

Jungle Jane

For the girl who loves high-flying, high-adrenaline adventures, we have a compendium of suitable gift experiences. We’re macho people, but even we squirm when thinking about stomach-churning stunt flights or swimming with sharks. However, some girls like this kind of thing. If you know someone like that, unleash her wild side with action adventure gifts. Race her in an exotic car on a track in Vegas; fly over a mile high in a stunt plane; or go below sea level in a shark cage. If there’s a competition, she’s going to beat you. You know it.


Hollywood Princess

The princess is one of our “favorite” personalities. A thorough pampering is the best way to please a princess. Studies prove it. Fortunately, we have a fully stocked arsenal of luxury amenities to help you accomplish your mission. Rent a yacht for a casual party, or use it to stage a romantic wine tasting and dinner. VIP reservations to the city’s hottest clubs or dining spots are sure to give your princess a very happy holiday. You could even make a special request for a Napa Valley spa weekend. If you can imagine it, we have the passport to take you there. Visit the Gift Center or contact our wish-granting fairies to get started on your holiday shopping.