Grammy® Nominees Slug It Out

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Grammy Music's Biggest Night

Grammy Music’s Biggest Night

The nominees for Music’s Biggest Night will be slugging it out for the next couple of months, and it’s going to be a rough and tumble fight. The field is so packed with the talented, the beautiful and the prolific that there’s really no way to know who’s going to take home the prize in each category. Trying to pick the winners of the GRAMMYs® is about ten times as hard as trying to pick the winners of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. There are just too many deserving candidates, and you never know who will be blessed with the statuette.


The awards show will be broadcast live on February 8 on CBS. Tickets for the show and after parties are for sale on the VIP Concierge website, in case you want to be there for all the excitement. In the meantime, I’m going to try to pick some of the winners.


In the Record of the Year category, the five candidates are Iggy Azalea featuring Charlie XCX for “Fancy,” Sia for “Chandelier,” Sam Smith for “Stay With Me,” Taylor Swift for “Shake It Off” and newcomer Meghan Trainor for “All About That Bass.” For me, it’s all about Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor. Swift is an awards show juggernaut with a record breaking new album, and Trainor has stepped out from the studio with her own cut, rather than supplying songs to established Nashville artists. Personally, I don’t think “Shake It Off” is as good a song as “All About That Bass,” but that doesn’t mean Swift won’t win. She’s revamped her style and is now mining the deep waters of pop music. However, I think Trainor is going to pull off the upset.


The Album of the Year nominees are Beck for “Morning Phase,” Beyoncé for “Beyoncé,” Ed Sheeran for “X,” Sam Smith for “In The Lonely Hour” and Pharrell Williams for “Girl.” I like Beck, but he’s not commercial enough to win. Ed Sheeran won’t either, even if he is BFF with Taylor Swift. Last year was Pharrell Williams’ day in the sun, and I don’t see him pulling it off twice. Sam Smith isn’t as well known as the rest, and a nomination will be as far as he goes, I do believe. Beyoncé, on the other hand, is a world favorite. Everything she touches turns to gold or platinum, and I think she’ll take the most coveted title without too much trouble.


Music's Biggest Night

Music’s Biggest Night


As far as the Song of the Year, the field includes Meghan Trainor for “All About That Bass,” Hozier for “Take Me To Church,” Taylor Swift for “Shake It Off,” Sia for “Chandelier” and Sam Smith for “Stay With Me.” I always hate to vote against Taylor Swift, but I just have a feeling “All About That Bass” is going to take this title too. The song is too catchy, kitschy and bitchin’. It’s not that Taylor’s song isn’t–Trainor’s is just more better, catchier and unique. If I was voting, she’d win.


The Best Pop Vocal Album category should be interesting with nominees Coldplay for “Ghost Stories,” Miley Cyrus for “Bangerz,” Ariana Grande for “My Everything,” Katy Perry for “Prism,” Ed Sheeran for “X” and Sam Smith for “In The Lonely Hour.” I have to go with Coldplay because they’ve done it before. They remain very popular, even if Jennifer Lawrence did break up with Chris Martin. I can’t picture Miley Cyrus winning, but I guess it’s possible. The rest of the gang doesn’t have the ammunition to knock out Coldplay’s big guns.


Of course, I’m probably wrong, but we won’t know until the show. If you’d like to attend Music’s Biggest Night, VIP Concierge still has tickets, which means you can go.