How to Tell the Difference between an Award Show and a Real Award Show

October 1, 2014 |  Tags: , , ,
Award Show

Award Show

As defined by the holy fount of information, Wikipedia, an award show is a ceremonial event where an award of any kind is given to a person. Now, that doesn’t mean that every award show is created equal. Like watches and cars, clothes and people, they come in all shapes and sizes, and some are simply better than others. You can’t just roll out a red carpet and say that it’s the area’s premier event. Well, it might be, depending on where you live. In case you were wondering, here’s a refresher outlining differences between award shows and real Hollywood-style award shows that you will only see in L.A.


Top 10 Signs an Award Show isn’t The Real Deal

10. The entertainer of the year nominees sound like landscapers-because they are.
9. The event is on the calendar next to “Nominate your neighbor for yard of the month.”
8. It’s happening at the theater where your niece saw VeggieTales “Beauty and the Beet.”
7. There’s an under-16 talent show category.
6. You know the host from elementary school.
5. Tractor Mart, Carlson’s Feed and The Pricey Country Store will be handing out swag.
4. The carpet is only spray painted red.
3. The musical guest played at your grandmother’s nursing home.
2. Tickets are only $15. Seniors get in free.
1. And finally, it’s not a real award show if it’s in Oklahoma!


If you’re still unsure about the differences between local talent shows and real award shows, just remember these simple questions. Have you heard of the event? Is Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy or MTV anywhere in the name? Do you know the theater? Would a Kardashian want to be there? If a Kardashian wouldn’t accept the invitation, neither should you.


Music Award Show

Music Award Show


Supporting local events is great. We’re all for it, but if you want to do something for yourself, not your community, think about attending a real award show instead. People can’t complain if you go to the American Music Awards instead of a kindergarten ballet recital. Sure, when it comes up, you can always say that you’ve been to the Red Boiling Springs Senior Beauty Pageant five years running and that you never miss the bass tournament in August, but believe us, everyone will be much more impressed if you say that you went to the People’s Choice Awards and sat near your favorite celebrity when you actually did.


At VIP Concierge, we believe that everyone deserves the best. Sure, purchasing cheap tickets to a community event feels good, but you’ll feel even better walking down a red carpet in the home of glitz and glamour. There simply isn’t a comparison between an award show and a real Hollywood-style event. If it’s not in Hollywood, it’s not the real deal.