How To Walk Right Past The Velvet Ropes (Part I)

February 19, 2013 |  Tags: , ,
VIP Member

VIP Member

Walking past the ropes can at times be as simple as tipping the doorman, booking a VIP table, or asking your concierge to arrange for you to be on the VIP guest list. However, this alone sometimes may not get you past the velvet ropes at the most exclusive establishments, with the exception being our VIP Members whom we make sure NEVER wait in line.



Despite the aforementioned arrangements, you could still find yourself desperate and frustrated while your party waits outside for your table to become ready or ,worse yet, the table suddenly becomes unavailable due to capacity, or more typically, last minute high profile attendees who have “acquired” your table.


Fundamentally, first off you must look and act the part. Dress sharp and arrive in style. Remember there is no such thing as overdressed (unless you arrive in a tuxedo or bow tie!). For fine-tuning and honing your image, your best bet is to hire an image consultant (we provide this option for our VIP Members). They are not cheap, but they are expert at helping you to develop and maintain the right image to match “you,” both professionally and personality-wise. If this is not an option for you right now, set up a private appointment at an upscale clothing store. Even Macy’s offers a private consultative shopping experience! They may not be as good as an expert image consultant, but they’re better than you!