New KAWS Moonmen To Land At 2013 VMAS In Brooklyn

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New KAWS Moonmen to Land at 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn

KAWS Moonmen to Land at 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn

If there is one person who can rival the popularity of the VMAs, it is graffiti artist KAWS, who painted the streets of New York City and is poised to take over the world. Due in part to the artist of the hour, the 2013 Video Music Awards promise to be unlike any other. It’s also because MTV is taking the colorful show on the road to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, home of the NBA Nets. All of this is important because the event is happening on August 25th, and time is running out for music video fans to get their tickets to this one-of-a-kind event that just became a little more unique.


KAWS isn’t just designing a super-duper limited-edition version of the Moonman trophy; he’s designing the entire set. There’s already speculation that KAWS will reveal the biggest Companion figure yet at the award show. If true, this monumental version of the artist’s signature Companion character would be a 60-foot-tall inflatable. Last year, the artist created a grayscale Companion float that appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

In Touch Icons amp; Idols

In Touch Icons amp; Idols

This is a big event for KAWS, but it’s even bigger for MTV. It is the first time that the famous Moonman trophy has been made over, and officials say they’re going back to the old design next year. The original trophy was created by the folks at Manhattan Design, who also created the network’s iconic astronaut logo, which was modeled after the famous moon landing photo. The special KAWS Moonman will feature the artist’s signature X-shaped eyes as well as the oversized crossbones that resemble ears. The character will be wearing a spacesuit complete with shorts and gloves inspired by the original Companion. If the KAWS Moonman is as popular as the artist’s massively successful mass-market goods, then this is going to be one of the most coveted awards of the season. It’s not too late to get tickets to the 2013 VMAs and see the entire KAWS set. This award show is going to be better than great and a bit arty too.