Party Like a Superstar With 2014 VMA Tickets

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MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Video Music Awards

OMG, the VMAs! #RedCarpet, #CrazyParty, #OutAllNight, #ShutTheFrontDoor. Like wow! MTV’s Video Music Award tickets are already on sale. It’s a huge deal–even if we’ve been waiting for this annual music/music video fest for a year. There’s a lot to be stoked about. Specifically, that the 2014 VMAs are returning to the fabulous Left Coast. The only place they belong, if you ask us. Brooklyn who? Seriously, that place has some bad juju memories. It’s 11 months later, and we’re still trying to block out that Miley Cyrus performance. PTSD anyone? Someone please tell that girl to keep her tongue to herself.


Anywho, the VMAs aren’t just returning to their SoCal home, they are happening in the storied, steeped in music, saturated in stardom halls of the historic, yet newly renovated, Forum in lovely Inglewood, CA. Wherever that is. Just kidding. If you’re not sure, the GPS definitely knows how to get there, and you can’t miss the long line of stars that will be floating over the red carpet and streaming in the front door on August 24, 2014. This is the only super Sunday we’ve heard of. The nominees are awesome, and the performers already include first-time nominee 5 Seconds of Summer. That’s 5SOS to you. Plus, the ultra-platinum, king of abs Usher will be hitting the stage as will the fabulous, chart-topping Ariana Grande. That’s grande news for any music fan and another reason to stock up on award show tickets.


You can also expect to see a crazy, lose-your-breath assortment of nominees in the theater and after the show. All you need is VIP after-party tickets and you’ll be swooning all night, euphemism or not. The list of nominees is so rocked out that our jaded brains are excited. Even though NKOTB wasn’t nominated, there’s plenty of other action at the VMAs to keep everyone happy. Ms. Beyonce topped the list with eight nominations, including Video of the Year-although she did have 17 videos for her 14-track album.


No matter, she has a chance to beat Miley’s “Wrecking Ball.” Gosh, do they have to show that again? Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX is up for Best Video. Pharrell Williams is the lone man in the group with “Happy,” and Sia’s “Chandelier” featuring a prepubescent contortionist (dancer) also received a Video of the Year nod. MTV’s SnapChat announcement revealed Eminem, Lorde, Jay Z and others as top contenders with multiple nominations across categories.


Fans like you have until August 11th to cast your votes. Then, you can see if your pick wins on the big day. With all the hubbub, don’t for get to snag your VMA award show tickets and VIP after-party passes. We can do a lot, but we can’t stop time for you.