The Golden Globes® Bring The VIP Parties

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Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards Tickets

The only way to be there is to go there-to the 71st annual Golden Globe® Awards, that is. And once you’re there, the only way to show you’ve truly arrived is to hit one of the Golden Globe® parties-pre-post or during the show. These aren’t just any parties, mind you. These parties are the most chic of the chic, the most lavish of the luxurious and the baddest of the bad. The celebrities all love the Golden Globe® Awards for a few reasons. They’re looser than the other awards shows, the Beverly Hilton is a terrific venue and the dinner/table seating arrangements put the pros in proximity to one another. Like any awards show, the Golden Globes® have after-parties, but there are parties happening all day long. We’ve been known to pull a few tickets to the show from up our sleeves, but they’re rare and hard to come by. We do, however, have tickets to the parties, which is Grand Central Station for anybody who’s somebody in the film world.


It might be a good idea to mention that these are not your pee-paw’s parties–not at all. These gigs have champagne pyramids and open bars. They have a disco atmosphere and energy to burn. And you’ll see more stars at one of these soirees than you’ll see at a liberal political rally or at the local planetarium, for that matter. Since all these parties are conveniently scrambled across the grounds of the BevHilton, and because VIP Concierge has tickets to several of these extravaganzas, you can dance from one party to the next, assuming dancing is your traditional method of motion.

Golden Globe Awards - Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

Golden Globe Awards – Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

The Golden Globe® Awards are well known for their seemingly clairvoyant nominees and winners. It’s almost as if the other award shows march in lock-step with the Golden Globes®. For some reason, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a knack for having their fingers on the pulse of all filmy things and correctly predicting trends throughout the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, for those who just want to go have fun and knock boots with their favorite stars, here are some of the parties we have tickets for. A word to the wise is usually enough. Don’t wait around or you won’t get in. These tickets sell as fast as bottled water in the desert.

  • The Weinstein Brothers are old hands at throwing a party. In association with Relativity Media/Paramount, they pitch one of the biggest bashes of the year. Many actors stop by to get in on the finest free-flowing alliteration and Moët champagne. You’re as likely to see Meryl Streep as Madonna or Michelle Williams. This party doesn’t know when to stop.
  • NBC/Universal wants to take you higher, like all the way to the roof, where they host their yearly throw-down. Don’t be surprised if you see Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey or the ubiquitous Alec Baldwin at this split personality soiree that can’t decide if it wants to be a viewing party or an after-party.
  • Summit Entertainment’s party has more stars that the big and little dippers combined. It’s more exciting than a wrecking ball and more fun than an Icona Pop song. Summit trots out their stable of celebrities including those from Twilight and the rest of Summit’s smash hits, like Iron Man. If you attend this party, you might see anyone from Taylor Lautner to Robert Downey, Jr. or Bill Paxton, the star of “Near Dark,” “Aliens” and “Big Love.” Those are some roles a guy could really sink his teeth into.
  • AMC hosts another of those schizophrenic viewing/after-parties. This gig has so much booze that it’s held in the Le Chateau wine store located in the lobby of the BevHilton for proximity to the vino. You’ll see actors “Breaking Bad” and acting like “Mad Men.” This is one rang-dang-doo that’s really “Hell on Wheels.”
  • The FOX entertainment syndicate plans to be celebrating their television shows like Modern Family, American Horror Story, New Girl and Glee. You’ll likely see Jessica Lange and other stars from the FOX stable of TV shows and films, including Fox, FX and Fox Searchlight, including the mystifying Zooey Deschanel and her sister Emily. This party is not at the BevHilton, so it has a different feeling than the rest. It’s all by its lonesome in a tent next to the former May Co. That’s enough to make it worth checking out.
  • Sony Pictures’ power party is always crammed with the most luminous of stars like Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster and Rooney Mara. This gala event is happening at the Stardust Room on the eighth floor of the Beverly Hilton. Actors like Sasha Baron Cohen and Viggo Mortensen come to this gig, just to be seen. Award winners like to drag their trophies over to this party, just to let everyone know that they won.
  • HBO hosts a yearly poolside party, so bring your tankini or trunks if you’re planning to swim with the stars. You could end up sharing a raft with hottie Sofia Vergara, having a splash battle with Steve Buscemi, admiring Laura Dern or chatting with Harrison Ford, who used to let my uncle watch birds on his Wyoming ranch. The atmosphere is purposefully low-key but littered with stars.
  • The Warner Brothers/In-Style bash is the zaniest, danciest party going. This disco inferno attracts stars like candy bars attract bears at state parks. You might see party-hoppin’ Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman or Kim Kardashian. After the show, it’s time to dance to the music well into the next morning. The gala event is hotter than a desert fox and more star-studded than a Ringo Starr pro-am golf tournament.

Contact VIP Concierge by phone or email us for prices and availability for all Golden Globe®-related parties and events. We might even be able to dig up a pair of tickets to the show for you, but we’re not promising except VIP tickets to the parties.