Welcome to The World of The VIPs…

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VIP Celebrities

VIP Celebrities

Welcome to the world of VIP Concierge! In our business, we often serve clients from across the United States and globally who are sophisticated, successful, powerful, and wealthy. One might assume that these individuals would be the quintessential “VIPs”, that is, invited to the most exclusive events, able to gain access to the hottest locales, accompanied by a beautiful woman (or women, or men, etc, etc), you get the picture. However, to assume that would be WRONG!!!


It is often quite the opposite. Prior to working with us, they had trouble getting access or into “hot” night clubs or seating at top restaurants during prime hours. They would never receive calls inviting them to the hottest events and happenings, such as Award Shows, Movie Premieres, or A-List Parties. They even had trouble finding dates occasionally! Essentially, outside of their business environment or their beautiful homes, they were generally treated like the rest of us! How could this be?


The bottom line is that the skills, knowledge, and behavior, and skills required to achieve success socially as a VIP are:


  • Not taught during our formal education
  • Not taught by our family, except in some super-wealthy households
  • Often counter-intuitive
  • Over-looked during the pursuit of professional success

Enter VIP Concierge. Since we’ve invested significant time and effort penetrating into the world of VIP’s to accommodate our clients, we thought it would be helpful to utilize this blog as a basic “How-To” guide to help you get started branding yourself as a VIP. So, even when you’re finished enjoying one of our exquisite weekend getaways, you’ll return home to the treatment and status you’ve earned and deserve! On the right of the page is a feature called skribbit for you to suggest ideas for us to discuss and we highly encourage you to use it. If you have a good question, chances are some of the other thousands of readers have it also…